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Mounting SSH Folders In Ubuntu

Ubuntu LogoLinux Logo Mounting SSH Folders In Ubuntu is a guide that walks through the process describing some of the methods available. It is part of a larger whole setting up and maintaining an …
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Making your own blog

Please note that I will be updating this as I go along. This is my first time using Netlify, as such I lack a lot of experience using the service so far. I have been using GitHub consistently since Se…
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Welcome to Freeside

This post will act as an informal introduction to Freeside What is Freeside? # Freeside is the student run Linux user group at the University of Hull. How do I join? # Unlike many groups at a univer…
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Mounting SSH Folders In Windows

Mounting SSH Folders In Windows is a guide to mounting ssh shares that authenticate with OpenSSH key pairs rather than passwords on windows. Firstly, this task is not as easy as a user used to a Linu…
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Introduction to Raspberry Pi

So you want to find out about the Raspberry Pi? # I would be surprised if you've never heard of them, since they seem to have exploded in popularity in recent years. They are very popular with those w…
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Hello World!

Hello World! I am finally getting a blog set back up! This is statically generated with Pelican. I want to write some stuff up, for once.…
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